T R I A L   R E Q U E S T

T S E   T E L E C O M

TSE TELECOM is one of the applications of the TSE Tower Structural Engineering software. It is a powerful and comprehensive Microsoft Windows program for the analysis and design of steel telecommunication structures such as self-supporting towers and guyed masts according to ANSI/TIA-222-G standard.

TSE TELECOM includes powerful and productive features for generating any type of latticed structure model. Engineers can now model faster than ever using the parametric wizard generator and Panel libraries. Panels can be defined by the user through Panel Editor, or selected from a standard panel library. Standard libraries also include materials and sections.

The extensive library of panel types allow for quick creation of the structure through parametric tools. The loads generator wizard is a very powerful tool for the automatic load generation on the tower. The user-interface features, the powerful analysis engine, the extensive design checks and the advanced visualization tools make modelling of complex towers a painless process.

T S E   T U TO R I A L   V I D E O


•Metric, imperial and mixed units system are allowed and can be modified at any time.
•Wizard driven parametric physical model generation for :
o Three or four sided self-supporting towers
o Three or four sided guyed towers
•Extensive database of standard sections and materials (ASCE, CISC, European), and more than 30 non-standard section shapes.
•Extensive database of standard cables sections and materials (ASTM, CSA).
•Library of standard panels types with facilities to create user-defined ones.
•Graphical-based modelling commands such as linear copy, rotation copy, mirror, move, extrusion, member subdivision and member attachment.
•Automatic generation of guy cables at varying radius and guy anchor elevations.
•Models can edited graphically or by means of spreadsheets.


•Automatic generation of dead, ice, thermal and wind loads according to TIA-222-G.
•Uniform wind pressure profile and uniform thickness ice profile.
•User-defined wind pressure profiles.
•United States county listings of design criteria for wind, wind with ice, and ice.
•Loading for joints, members including concentrated, uniform, trapezoidal and thermal loads.
•Loading for surfaces and finite element plates.
•Automatic calculation of drag coefficients, gust factors, topographic parameters and escalate ice thickness according to TIA-222-G.
•Display loads graphically and detailed wind and ice loads parameters can be displayed in numerical tables.
•Analysis methods in TSE TELECOM include:
o Static linear
o P-Delta
o Static non-linear
o Buckling
o Natural frequencies
o Seismic and dynamic
•Linear and exact non-linear cable elements (catenary cables).
•Automatic handling of tension-only members.


•Available design provisions include ANSI/TIA-222-G.
•Members are checked against their ultimate strength in accordance with the selected code, Design check include:
o Slenderness ratios
o Buckling length
o Tension
o Compression
o Connections (shear, bearing, block shear)
o Anchor rods
•Calculation of the equivalent loads on footings.
•Can optionally check members according to LRFD-99 for :
o Bending
o Tension-bending
o Compression-bending
o Shear
o Torsion
o Warping
•Profile optimization of selected members allows to test different section shapes, grade and materials types.


•Towers can be shown as lines, wire frames or can be rendered as 3D polygon surfaces.
•Results can be visualized either graphically or numerically.
•Input data and results may be printed for the whole structures or partial structures using graphical selection or a range of elements.
•Customized list of input and results to be printed.
•TSE TELECOM provides an exhaustive set of results features that include graphical views, diagrams, spreadsheets and text reports.
•All graphics can be printed or copied to the clipboard for use in external programs.
•Reports are available in several formats including:
o Microsoft Word reports
o Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
o ASCII files
•Comprehensive manuals and helps.
•Can export the model to:
o AutoCAD