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Established in 1986, SAFI strives to develop structural software solutions meeting the highest standards of the industry aiming to increase users’ productivity.

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Enhance productivity.
SAFI is truly integrated into one environment allowing users to solve their analysis, design and engineering challenges more efficiently.

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Our continuous R&D efforts are driven to produce a technology that ensures better productivity to achieve any projects.

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Our technical team consists of experienced structural engineers providing relevant and effective support.


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SAFI Software - GSE Concrete

GSE Software

TSE Software


HSE Software

Offshore structural Analysis

PSE Software

BSE Software


GSE_General Structural Engineering

GSE Software

Buildings and Structures

Steel and Cold-formed steel

American AISC 360-16 LRFD, American AISC 360-16 ASD, American AISI S100, Canadian CSA S136, Canadian CSA S16, Eurocode 3 and Eurocode 4, Indian IS 800-2017.

Concrete Slab and Foundation design

American ACI 318, Canadian A23.3-04, A23.3-14, European EC2-2004, Egyptian ECCS 203-2001.

Mass timber and Light wood framing

2018 National Design Specification (NDS), Canadian CSA 086-14 (revision 2017).


Aluminum AA ADM-2015 (LRFD), Aluminum AA ADM-2015 (ASD), Aluminum CSA CAN S157.

TSE_TOWER Structural Engineering

TSE Software

Towers and Telecommunications

Steel Latticed towers and Electrical substations

TSE TOWER is a powerful and comprehensive structural program for the design of steel transmission structures such as transmission latticed towers and electrical substations according to the ASCE 10-15 standard.

Telecommunication towers

TSE TELECOM is a powerful and comprehensive structural program for the design of steel telecommunication structures such as self-supporting towers, monopole towers and guyed masts according to ANSI/TIA-222-H, ANSI/TIA-222-G and CSA S37-18 standards.

Transmission tubular poles and Multi-pole frames

TSE POLE is a powerful and comprehensive structural program for the design of transmission tubular poles and multi-poles frames. The program also supports the design of base plates and anchor bolts.

PSE_PETROLEUM Structural Engineering

PSE Software

API 4F Oil&Gas Offshore Design

API 4F 5th Edition

The PSE Software is an integrated structural analysis and design software for Onshore and Offshore structures according to the API 4F 5th edition requirements.

Wind loads

The API 4F specifications for wind loads based on the velocity component approach is integrated into the PSE Petroleum Structural Engineering® software.

Vessel dynamic motions

In the PSE Petroleum Structural Engineering® software, vessel dynamic motions are defined according to API 4F Specification for Drilling and Well Servicing Structures.

Waves and current loads

Wave and current loads generated forces applied to submerged structural members in platforms and floating hulls are analyzed through linear and nonlinear kinematics in accordance with the API RP 2A specifications.

HSE_HIGHWAY SIGN Structural Engineering

HSE Software

Overhead sign supports, traffic lights, high-mast towers

Overhead Structural Sign Supports

The software allows users to design overhead sign structures with various road sign panels such as simple panel, reinforced panel, variable message sign (VMS), walkway or secondary panel. Wind, ice and gravity loads are automatically calculated by the program.

Traffic lights and Signal Supports

The software allows users to design various types of traffic light and signal mast arm structures. The program takes into consideration truck-induced gust loads and galloping force based on the frontal projected area of each traffic signal.

High-mast lighting towers and Lampadaires

The software allows users to design various types of lighting solutions such as street lighting poles, high-mast lighting towers and lamp posts. The program takes into consideration natural wind gusts that may induce cyclic loads in lighting structures.

BSE_BRIDGE Structural Engineering

BSE Software

Bridges and infrastructures

3D Bridges

The BSE Bridge Structural Engineering software is a fully integrated analysis, design and evaluation software for bridges. The software accounts for steel, reinforced concrete, composite and prestressed girder bridges.

Prestressed Girder Bridges

The pre-tension module was developed for the analysis and design of beams prestressed by pre-tension. This module performs with a minimum of effort for the user the verification of prestressed beams.

Steel-wood bridges

The steel and wood bridges program is an entirely automated parametric program for the design and the evaluation of steel girder bridges with wood decks.

Engineering Calculators

Simple and efficient tools

Steel Calculator™

Efficient validation tool to verify design results of specific steel elements of complex models. Quickly verify, design and optimize steel beams and columns.

Concrete Calculator™

Simple and powerful tool which allows to analyze, and design reinforced concrete beams, slabs and columns cross sections

Foundation Calculator

Quickly and easily design reinforced concrete footings without the need to create and analyze a complete structural model (nodes, members, load combinations, etc.).