For more than a quarter of a century we have been serving our customers with innovative and technologically advanced structural software tools for almost all sectors of structural engineering.

From simple structural calculators to comprehensive design of offshore derricks, carried by sophisticated engineering professionals working in design offices of the world largest organizations, we have established our productivity advantages through reliable and simple suite of structural software.

We understand the structural engineering needs and deliver to the market place three levels of structural solutions:

Level I: dedicated to a set of structural Engineering Calculators for Steel, Concrete and Footings.

Level II : applies to the analysis, seismic and design of four main categories of products. In the structural buildings field, being all integrated, SAFI GSE allows the user to work with a variety of available material such as steel, concrete, aluminum and wood. In the bridges & infrastructures industry, SAFI BSE distinguishes itself with its powerful technologies. With its advanced technologies in the electrical towers & telecommunications field, SAFI TSE truly differentiates itself on the marketplace. Finally but not least, SAFI PSE dominates the market in the field of oil, gas and water regarding onshore and offshore structures.

Level III: is a truly seamless and fully integrated 3D Virtual suite of technologies that accounts for the various phases of structural engineering construction projects. The Virtual models integrate the 3D modeling, analysis, design, code checks, connection design, detailing and fabrication. The 3D Virtual models represent a breakthrough in structural engineering for the construction industry that improves communications between the project participants and enhances the project overall productivity.

We develop our suite of structural software in a collaborative spirit with our customer base and we create these innovative structural technologies for their engineering and construction projects. We became leaders in the structural software fields because of the contributions of each of our customers among our national and international base.

We particularly like to work in a partnership environment and you are all welcome to explore doing business with us.

Thanks to all of our customers for all what we have achieved with your contributions and together the best is ahead of us. At SAFI, we are continuously planning for more innovations to ensure that you will be successful in your engineering and construction projects.

Dr. Rachik Elmaraghy, Ph.D., Eng., FCSCE

President and CEO


In June of 2016, SAFI’s President, Dr. Rachik Elmaraghy, has been elected a Fellow of the CSCE by the Society’s Board of Directors.

"The CSCE awards program is administered jointly by the CSCE Honours & Fellowships Committee and by the CSCE Foundation Trustees (a Canadian registered charity) and funded by the generosity of CSCE members and others who support the Society’s mission. These awards are intended to recognize and encourage the pursuit of excellence.

Members who have attained civil engineering excellence and who have contributed actively towards the progress of their profession may be elected as Fellows by the CSCE Board of Directors. With the designation of Fellow, CSCE seeks to acknowledge annually academic and practicing members, currently active or retired. "


Rachik Elmaraghy completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cairo University in 1969 and his M.A.Sc at the University of Toronto in 1973. In 2008, he was granted a Ph.D. degree in Construction Engineering from the ETS University of Quebec in Montreal for his research work on the interoperability problems that the construction industry was facing.
From the beginning of his career, Dr. Elmaraghy has been involved in numerous engineering projects where he has gained extensive industrial experience. From 1973 to 1975, he worked for Pratt & Whitney where he carried out structural and vibration analysis of aircraft components. Later, he joined Bombardier MLW Industries where he modified the structural design of the LRC Diesel Engines that had been failing due to fatigue. For the next thirteen years he was with the Industrial Research Center of Quebec where he was successively head of the vibration and noise department, head of the testing and evaluation department and finally head of the structural dynamics department.
In 1986 Dr. Elmaraghy finally achieved his dream when he founded the company SAFI Inc. He is currently the CEO and principal author of the SAFI Structural Software Technologies. This commercial structural software created over the last thirty years covers the fields of Buildings, Infrastructures and Bridges, Towers and Telecommunication and finally Onshore and Offshore structural design. The concept of a fully integrated structural software is the main philosophy behind all research and development work within the company. The integration of the various applications is achieved with the help of Virtual Technologies.


Dr. Elmaraghy founded SAFI Quality Software Inc. in 1986 with the vision of creating a world leader for providing the construction industry with state-of-the-art software tools. He is leading the innovative R&D work for the many technological products at SAFI Quality Software Inc. He is also guiding the consulting engineering services for the affiliated company StructureTech Network Inc.

Dr. Elmaraghy holds a B.Sc. from Cairo University and an M.A.Sc. from Toronto University. In 2008, he was granted a Ph.D. in Construction Engineering from the ETS University of Quebec in Montreal Canada for his significant research work related to solving the Interoperability problems that are facing the construction industry, and which led to the development of the Virtual Technologies for the full integration of 3D modeling, analysis, design, detail drawings and fabrication.

Dr. Elmaraghy has gained extensive industrial experience before founding SAFI™. He worked for two years at Pratt & Whitney, a United Technology company, where he carried out stress and vibration analyses of aircraft components. For another three years, he performed stress and vibration analyses, and structural design of diesel engines and electric generator structures at Bombardier. Dr. Elmaraghy then joined the Industrial Research Center of Quebec (CRIQ) where he was successively Head of the Vibration and Noise department, Head of the Testing and Evaluation department and Head of the Structural Dynamics department.



SAFI is an Abbreviation of: Structural Analysis of Frame Installations.

The SAFI™ organization was founded in 1986 in Canada at the early phases of the developments of the Information Technology for the Construction Industry. The company is registered under a federal chart. The English name of the company is ''SAFI Quality Software Inc.'' and the French name is ''Société Informatique SAFI inc.''The SAFI™ research facilities and building is located in the heart of the historic Quebec City for its research and development operations.

SAFI™ Technologies have been developed incrementally for the global market place since about 30 years. Our products meet the highest standards of the market place and are continuously upgraded with new functions and versions for practically all structural applications. The company follows the new technological evolutions, the international standards, codes and rules, recent scientific research, new operating systems, networks, compilers, and the latest hardware required to operate modern Software.

For all Software applications and tools that are produced, SAFI™ main trade mark is INNOVATION.


ABILITY TO LISTEN: Our success is driven by the ability to correctly understand our customers needs to resolve their problems.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Once we agree or promise, we deliver. It is simple and natural for us.

AIM TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY:Our continuous R&D efforts ensure that we produce technologies with ultimate productivity functions.

ATTITUDE: We always do the right things for our customers and employees.

CARE: We care for the safety of structural projects carried out using our technologies, for the interest of our customers and the well-being of our employees.

COMMUNICATIONS: Communications are straightforward, up to the level of the company CEO when needed, ensuring our customers goals for project success under budget and within schedule.

PARTNERSHIP: Our customers know that we are their reliable partners for the long run and the best to come.

QUALITY: We deliver technologies that are innovative and reliable. We know that quality products are produced by quality companies for quality customers.

SERVICE: We serve all customers equally, from practicing engineers starting business to the largest well established engineering organizations and government departments.

SIMPLICITY: We ensure that the functions developed are simple to use irrespective of the internal complexity levels.

SUCCESS: Our operations are essentially driven by business-to-business relationship and trust for long term mutual success.



SAFI is a world leader in the technological field of structural engineering and provides the construction industry with state-of-the-art productive software technologies and tools. The company vision is to offer to the market place truly integrated Software for the structural applications in civil engineering.


SAFI™'s mission is to provide a wide range of fully integrated, innovative and reliable technologies that will ensure better productivity, profits and success to small, medium as well as large multinational organizations, and will contribute to avoiding the problems of interoperability that are facing the construction industry.
This truly Integrated Software consists of: Analysis, Verification, Evaluation, Rehabilitation, Design, Connections Design, Detailing and Fabrication.



The company has acquired extensive international experience in developing Software and Technologies that meets American, Canadian, European, Asian, African & Middle Eastern and various international codes for most structural applications. Our products are multi-lingual, French and English, and can be translated to any other languages. They support both metric and imperial units and run on several platforms and network installations. New structural applications based on specific international or local countries codes for Seismic Analysis and Design can be added to the company product line for target international markets. Organizations that need such developments, are invited to communicate with us.


SAFI™ is ready to partner with established companies for the distribution of its products to specific market places around the globe. Joining SAFI™ Reseller Program offers you access to the benefits you need to begin selling Structural Engineering Solutions to your prospects and customers. Adding our technology to your portfolio enable the expertise that can differentiate your organization from competitors. If you would like to inquire about becoming a SAFI™ Reseller, complete the initial application form request you will find under the section called ''Become a Reseller'' and SAFI™ will be in contact with you shortly.


Through partnering with various organizations and various governments and institutions, SAFI™ is looking forward to contribute significantly towards creating secure infrastructures design and construction projects that are sound, safe and reliable. We will help you negotiate a partnership business with SAFI Quality Software Inc. helping you reach your goals and further increase your profits. Whether you are an individual engineer, company executive or government official, you are best welcomed at SAFI™ where we will listen to your needs and participate towards the solutions.


SAFI™ has established a stable and loyal customer base, both nationally and internationally, with the help of its products innovative qualities and business approach.

Among our customers are architect firms, small to very large engineering firms, construction companies, fabricators, government agencies, municipalities, electric utilities, transportation departments, public works departments, petroleum oil and gas, offshore and onshore installations and other companies in the construction industry.

We have also provided SAFI™ licenses at nominal fees to academic institutions in several countries.


SAFI™ R&D team is composed of engineers, computer programmers, analysts, technicians and draftsmen among the best in their fields.

The working environment is ideal for the innovative research and development tasks assigned to team members. We use the latest Software and hardware tools available on the market. Our customer expectations are very high and the needs are forever increasing, we meet this challenge by producing innovative applications for our wide customer base.

SAFI™'s personal is dedicated, trustful, loyal, independent, and always meets its customer objectives with innovative and reliable products and services. The SAFI™ team technical support is well reputed in the industry at large.



StructureTech Network Inc. is a consulting firm for special and pilot structural engineering projects. Manpower resources combine SAFI™ structural engineers with those from the existing network of engineers and fabricators who use SAFI™ technologies.

StructureTech Network Inc. can assemble and manage a design team for almost any infrastructure projects, buildings, bridges, electric power transmission towers, and petroleum and gas projects, electronic monitoring of infrastructures and other construction projects. From structural design and engineering services to fabrication, StructureTech can operate nationally and internationally on small, mid-size and large projects.


SAFI™ Egypt’s mandate is to expand SAFI Quality Software Inc.’s business throughout Egypt and the Middle East by facilitating communication and improving service efficiency.


SAFIBOIS is a fully equipped engineering woodshop.


SAFI™’s innovative 3D Virtual Technologies are a major contribution to solving the complex interoperability problems in the construction industry.