C O N T A C T   R E Q U E S T

S A F I   C O N C R E T E   C A L C U L A T O R™

The SAFI CONCRETE CALCULATOR™ is used as a standalone application or in combination with the GSE CONCRETE DESIGN program.

The SAFI CONCRETE CALCULATOR™ is a simple and powerful tool which allows to analyze, and design reinforced concrete beams, slabs and columns cross sections.

T U TO R I A L   V I D E O S
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•The SAFI CONCRETE CALCULATOR™ is made to provide quick answers to common problems without the overhead of a full structural design program. It is a very handy and productive tool associated with the GSE CONCRETE DESIGN program.

•Easy and productive tool for the analysis and design of reinforced concrete cross sections. It allows to determine the resistance or the reinforcement of a section in mere seconds.

•Analysis and design of a single concrete sections or multiple sections.

•It supports the American ACI-318-02 code, the Canadian CSA-A23.3-04 code, the Egyptian design code ECCS 203-2001 and the Canadian bridge design code CSA-S6-06.

•Designs the required reinforcement bars of rectangular, T, L and I beam sections as well as one-way slabs in pure bending.

•The program allows to design for a user defined reinforcement ratio and provides compression reinforcement when required.

•It designs the required reinforcement bars of rectangular, T, L and I beam sections in shear and torsion.

•The program allows to design using straight or inclined stirrups as well as series or bundled bent bars.

•The program accounts for axial forces, equilibrium torsion as well as compatibility torsion.

•It designs the required reinforcement bars of rectangular and circular column sections in combined compression and bending or tension and bending.

•The program allows to specify a target reinforcement ratio and calculates the optimal column dimensions.

•Second order effects such as lateral drift and member stability are taken into account when requested.

•The interaction diagrams for the calculated reinforcement bars is also provided as output.

•In situations where the reinforcement is known, the program calculates the resistance of the cross section and corresponding data such as stresses in concrete and reinforcement bars and reinforcement ratios.

•Libraries of standard metric and imperial material properties are available.

•Customized materials can also be created.

•Large number of solved problems and references are available.


•Analysis and design results are summarized on screen.

•Detailed reports are available in Rich Text Format (rtf).

•Input data and results may be printed for a single member or all members.