C O N T A C T   R E Q U E S T

S A F I   F O O T I N G   C A L C U L A T O R™

The SAFI FOOTING CALCULATOR™ is used as a standalone application or in combination with the GSE CONCRETE DESIGN program.

The SAFI FOOTING CALCULATOR™ allows the user to quickly and easily design reinforced concrete footings without the need to create and analyze a complete structural model (nodes, members, load combinations, etc.).

T U TO R I A L   V I D E O S
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•The SAFI FOOTING CALCULATOR™ allows to perform the design of four different types of footings. Each type of footing can be designed with a certain type of column.
-Isolated square footing: reinforced concrete column or steel column
-Isolated rectangular footing: reinforced concrete column or steel column
-Strip footing: reinforced concrete wall
-Combined footing: reinforced concrete column or steel column

•It supports the American ACI-318-02 code, the Canadian CAN/CSA-A23.3-01 code, the Egyptian code ECCS 203-2001.

•The input data consist of entering the type of footing, the applied loads, additional pressure on ground, overburden depth, depth of the ground water, the required design parameters, the design code, the type of column (or wall) and optionally the dimensions.

•The reinforcement bars are selected from the built-in bar libraries. The bar libraries can be used independently from the design code so Canadian reinforcement bars can be used with the American ACI code for example.

•Libraries of standard metric and imperial material properties are available. Customized materials can also be created.

•The results consist of the footing size, footing shear, tension steel reinforcement, longitudinal bars, transversal bars, footing-column Interface Compression Steel, footing shear and stresses in concrete and bearing resistance.

•Large number of solved problems and references are available.


•Analysis and design results are summarized on screen.
•Detailed reports are available in Rich Text Format (.rtf).
•Input data and results may be printed for a single footing or multiple footings.