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NASCC 2019


From April 3rd to April 5th, our experts will be exhibiting at the NASCC 2019 in St. Louis.

Our experts will be presenting SAFI Structural Software Solutions and will be introducing The Future of Structural Engineering.

To find out more about new exciting technology come visit us at booth #1440!


NASCC: The Steel Conference is the premier educational and networking event for the structural steel industry, bringing together structural engineers, structural steel fabricators, erectors, detailers, and architects. The Steel Conference offers more than 140 sessions on topics ranging from “The Structural Stability Game Show” to “Lessons From the First SpeedCore Project” to “30+ Good Rules of Connection Design.” In addition to practical seminars on the latest design concepts, construction techniques and cutting-edge research, the conference also offers an extensive trade show, featuring products ranging from structural design software to machinery for cutting steel beams, and plentiful networking opportunities. And one low registration fee gains you access to all of the technical sessions, the keynote addresses, the T.R. Higgins Lecture and the exhibition hall.

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SAFI is an advanced structural analysis and design software. The various applications of SAFI are used worldwide by several notable international companies helping them to achieve their most challenging structural engineering projects.

Our engineering team is devoted to making SAFI software a technology that continues to push boundaries year after year. SAFI is a productive structural engineering software based on more
than 33 years of Research and Development. ​ ​ ​

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