Benefit from outstanding technical support provided by structural engineers.

SAFI Structural Engineering Software
SAFI end users benefit from an outstanding technical support carried by the most dedicated team of senior professional engineers. Our engineers understand the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis and our goal is to help you the best we can by providing you with advanced technical support.

SAFI support team can be contacted directly from the Technical Support form below.

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The SAFI end user coordinates will NOT BE DISPLAYED on our website, the person name, company and related information is treated as strictly confidential. However the questions and answers may be made available to all of our authorized end users in the FAQ section. The end users allowed to use this section need to have a valid maintenance agreement with SAFI for their licenses. Technical questions from users without a maintenance contract are likely to be discarded. SAFI team will answer questions within a reasonable time frame according to its priorities. SAFI reserves its rights not to answer questions judged by us as not applicable for the purpose of this segment of help and technical support. SAFI will not provide opinions about engineering works or designs. The support provided is strictly related to the SAFI program features. SAFI end users are invited to read the various reference manuals prior to submitting a question. The SAFI technical support will be mainly conducted through such procedure.